The Product Manager's Value Qualifier Guide

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The Product Manager's Value Qualifier Guide

Andrew Bowker
3 ratings

This will help current & aspiring PMs can stand out, get interviews, and land jobs

What’s a Value Qualifier (VQ)?

An asset you build that solves a problem for your target company

👉 It’s how you stop applying to jobs
👉 It’s how you get interviews
👉 It’s how you skip to the front of the line
👉 It’s how you beat the other candidates
👉 It’s how you become desirable w/o experience

One of the reasons getting a job - any job - is so hard, is because people don’t share the secret sauce. We generally don’t reveal our playbook. It’s hard to know how you can improve your game in specific ways without “seeing” how it’s done.

Not anymore - the PM community just “open sourced” the playbook

What’s inside?

👉 19 VQ examples people used to land interviews and get jobs
👉 8 in-depth personal stories (failure and success)
👉 a cool GIF
👉 Tips on:
— How to find the right people to target with your VQ
— How to find the right problem
— How to leverage your strengths to craft a proposal
— The hiring manager’s perspective
— Traps to avoid


The response to this guide has been amazing!

On April 7th, 100% of profit ($882.57) was donated to The Inclusive Product Manager Accelerator program. And since it was matched at 50%, they’re actually getting $1323.86!

Awesome stuff.

People have expressed that this guide has been extremely valuable. I initially offered it free with a suggested price of $50. The market has spoken. Of those who elected to pay, the average price paid was $20.00.

Today, I’m changing the sales price to $20.00. Small price to pay for landing or converting PM interviews.

If you hate it, or if you get zero value from it, I’ll happily refund you, no questions asked. Just tell me how to make it more valuable. :) Or you could end up like this person...


  • Assets in the Google Drive folder
  • What is a Value Qualifier (VQ)?
  • Why did I make this guide? 
  • 3 lessons to craft a solid VQ 
  • 3 lessons from the hiring manager perspective
  • 3 things to avoid

List of VQ examples

  1. "ABC" bank wire transfer improvement
  2. AllTrails Product Improvement
  3. Bumble UX improvement
  4. Conmed pitch
  5. Copy[.]ai improvements
  6. Door Dash Product Improvement
  7. Enterprise cloud product enhancement
  8. Farmr Case Study
  9. Figma growth ideas
  10. First Midwest Bank product improvement
  11. Linkedin improvements
  12. Linkedin Referral improvement
  13. Paypal
  14. Personal Notion Site - Resume
  15. Personal Site & portfolio
  16. Slack to improve service cloud
  17. Slice
  18. Spotify Improvement
  19. VQ template
I want this!
195 sales

You'll get a link to a Google Drive folder

19 real VQ assets
Learn from examples & templates
8 personal stories
See the intricate details
The guide
Person / Problem / Proposal
The Hiring Manager's perspective
Know your audience
Master list of VQs
Contact the authors & build relationships


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